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Our unique model lets us work with any healthcare provider from any medical specialty, allowing our devices and technologies to cover many disciplines and categories. This diverse product portfolio enables our development team to understand and analyze a broad spectrum of materials and methods, continually learn of new prototyping and manufacturing processes, and explore a variety of avenues towards commercialization.

If you are interested in commercializing any of our products, please contact us and a member of the commercialization team will respond shortly.

Colorectal Delivery Device

The Colorectal Delivery Device is designed to deliver a low pressure, high quality foaming solution to the infected area of the colon, with drug suspension in the target area for a longer period of time. A foaming solution was chosen as the transport media for the medication because of its ability to effectively coat the surfaces of the colon for an extended period of time.  The Colorectal Delivery Device ensures foam reaches the infected area, increases contact time with the colon wall and is capable of treating a variety of colonic diseases.

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Pediatric Head Positioner

The foam Pediatric Head Positioner securely positions a pediatric patient while providing full surgical access. The positioner is constructed of a firm base material with a soft, yet supportive foam cradle. The removable wedges allow customization to accommodate different sizes of patients, as well as different patient positions.  The positioner straps securely attach the positioner to the head extension of the adult eye surgery bed. This modification to the adult bed addresses issues of patient safety and surgical access and comfort in pediatric ophthalmic and head and neck procedures.

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Spinous Process Device

The Spinous Process Device was designed for the treatment of adjacent segment disease as an adjunct to fusion following an initial fusion and/or decompression procedure where the existing pedicle screw and rod construct may remain intact.  Additionally, this novel device may be employed in cases both with and without intact spinous processes where most inter-spinous spacers cannot be utilized.

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PolyTrak Intermaxillary Fixation System

PolyTrak Intermaxillary Fixation System delivers a safe alternative to traditional fixation. The entire device is constructed of approved polymers, eliminating the danger of needle stick to the surgeon while being more comfortable for the patient during application, wear, and removal. PolyTrak mimics the current method,little training is required, and application and removal time are reduced. Patent Pending.

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GraftOn Skin and Tissue Applicator

GraftOn Skin and Tissue Applicator was developed to simplify skin grafting. One of the challenges faced by surgeons is to remove fluid from under the graft. Excess fluid buildup prevents proper adherence of the graft to the wound, causing the graft to fail to survive. Currently, there is no standard tool used by surgeons for graft application. GraftOn will allow surgeons to more efficiently address the challenges associated with applying skin grafts. Patent Pending.

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Corneal Wound Repair

The Corneal Wound Repair Program is grant funded by the Department of Defense to develop front-line use products that can save damaged corneas and preserve eyesight after blast and chemical injuries. The program is a partnership with the United States Army, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Missouri State University and The University of Colorado.

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Unisex Disposable Urinal

The Unisex Disposable Urinal is designed as an alternative to lengthened catheterization and traditional bedpans. The UDU allows for earlier removal of urinary catheters, specifically in mobility compromised patients, greatly reducing the risk for obtaining a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). The UDU can also be used in place of a bedpan, reducing strain and injury to healthcare coworkers in lifting and supporting patients, and can be simply sealed and thrown away when finished. PATENT US 8,847,001 B2 “Sanitary Disposable Unisex Urine Device” is issued to MMRI.

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Secure Flip™

The Secure Flip Pediatric Dual Positioner is designed for use during infant surgeries which require the infant be placed in the prone position after intubation. The Secure Flip stabilizes the child and allows a quick and secure “flip” during transfers from supine to prone positions. Patent Pending.

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The Secure360 Prone Positioning Device is designed specifically for infant cranial surgeries to provide 360 degree access to the entire skull while maintaining a safe, stable position for the child. Secure 360 can be used for craniosynostosis correction, scalp reconstruction, and other cranial procedures requiring an elevated prone position.  PATENT US 8,584,280 B2 issued to MMRI for “Secure 360 Pediatric Craniofacial Surgical Table.”

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BreakAway Glasses

Break-Away Glasses are designed to "break" at the weakest points; the hinges and nose bridge. When excessive force is applied to these points, the joints will dislodge without permanent damage to the frames and can be easily reassembled. The (patented) elastic band allows the frames to retain their shape and be put back together after impact. The,patent-pending, Break-Away Glasses are intended to have the same stylish appearance as popular children's frames.

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Adjustable Tongue Blade

The Adjustable Tongue Blade (ATB) is designed to address the problems that exist with the current airway management system and surgical preparation. The ATB's sliding mechanism allows the procedure to be completed quickly and with less pain to the patient. By allowing variability in the length of the blade the need for multiple sized blades is eliminated and reduces the amount of tools needed to be cleaned and stored. The ATB is compatible with existing tools, but also provides a channel that accommodates a laryngeal mask airway allowing surgeons to use newer technology to gain secured airway for patients.

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