PolyTrak Intermaxillary Fixation System

The PolyTrak system employs polymer arch bars and connectors uniquely engineered to eliminate the hazards posed by stainless-steel wires. Surgeons reduce their risk of sharps injury and exposure to blood borne disease. Patients avoid punctures and other soft-tissue injuries from wires. Unlike stainless-steel systems, which require the use of wire cutters for removal in the event of an emergency, PolyTrak can be removed quickly and easily using common tools such as a knife or scissors.

With PolyTrak, patients enjoy a higher level of comfort during the healing period, as the polymer construction presents surfaces that are smoother and far less likely to puncture or scratch lips, cheeks, tongue, and gums. 

PolyTrak lets surgeons achieve optimal clinical outcomes while reducing the risks and difficulty associated with the use of conventional stainless-steel wire fixation measures. With fewer connection points required, procedures can be properly completed in less time, freeing up costly resources including personnel, equipment, and operating facilities. 

The PolyTrak system requires little training and no significant changes to customary surgical techniques. This unique system was developed in collaboration with respected maxillofacial surgeons whose frustration with stainless fixation systems inspired PolyTrak’s advances. PolyTrak brings new benefits to surgeons and patients while retaining compatibility with proven surgical procedures.

PolyTrack Benefits

  • Improves patient comfort during healing period
  • Reduces risk of needlestick injury to surgical team
  • Increases patient safety through quicker release in case of emergency
  • Demonstrates cost savings to hospital through speed of application and removal
  • Complies with Safety and Needlestick Prevention Act by providing a safer option than current products

Bharat Shah, MD, MHA.

Dr. Bharat Shah joined Mercy Health Springfield in 1996. His plastic surgery practice encompasses a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, including pediatric craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, facial reconstruction, microsurgery, burn reconstruction, and hair restoration. Dr. Shah is a Chicago native, with undergraduate training at Loyola University of Chicago with a B.S. Honors Degree in Psychology. He received his medical degree at Loyola University-Stritch School of Medicine. He is residency/fellowship trained in multiple disciplines.


PolyTrak Intermaxillary Fixation System

GraftOn Skin and Tissue Applicator

Secure Flip™


Polymer Arch Bar

Step 1

The Polymer Arch Bar is the foundation of the Polytrak system. It is designed to accommodate a variety of dental sizes and irregularities.

Interarch Clips

Step 2

The Interarch Clips easily attach to the upper and lower Arch Bars and can be placed in a number of configurations to best support proper alignment.

Circumdental Zip Tie

Step 3

The Circumdental Zip Tie secures the PolyTrak system to the patient by passing through the Arch Bar, through fenestrations between the teeth, then back through the Arch Bar to secure itself.

Interarch Cable

Step 4

The Interarch Cable secures the upper and lower Arch Bars together through the Interarch Clips using a two-way ratchet system.