Safety Shield

The Safety Shield addresses the problem of accidental needle stick injuries (NSI) in healthcare. NSIs can be hazardous for healthcare workers due to the risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens, including hepatitis and HIV. These injuries not only cause physical pain, but also lasting emotional and psychological stress to the employee. NSI can cost healthcare systems millions in testing and treatment.

Safety Shield was developed to prevent needle stick injuries in high risk areas such as the emergency room, interventional medicine and radiology, while not adding time to methods already in place. Many NSI prevention products focus on covering the needle when not in use, but fail to provide protection when the needle is in action. The Safety Shield focuses on the healthcare professional by protecting his or her hand from a NSI while holding a medication vial.


  • Reduces risk of accidental needle sticks
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Complies with Needle Stick Safety and Prevention Act
  • Compatible with most 10-50ml medication vials and any needle.

Slide. Click. Go.

To use the Safety Shield, the healthcare worker simply slides the vial into the shield, clicks it into place in the locking channel, and it is ready to use, with fingers safely behind the protective barrier. The integrated features of the Safety Shield remove and secure the “flip-off” cap without touching the rubber septum area, leaving it clean and ready for immediate use. This simple “Slide. Click. Go.” method makes the Safety Shield a quick addition to improve the safety of procedures

Bruce Hedgepeth, MD

Dr. Bruce Hedgepeth invented the Safety Shield to help protect healthcare workers from accidental needlesticks by guarding the hand holding the vial from the needle.


Safety Shield

Step 1

The vial SLIDES into the Safety Shield and the cap is removed without touching the septum, leaving it clean

Step 2

The locking channel will CLICK the vial into place, securing it to the Safety Shield, allowing the holder to grip the vial behind the shield

Step 3

The vial and shield are now ready to GO for use. After use, the Safety Shield is discarded.