Unisex Disposable Urinal

Catheter-acquired urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) account for 40% of all healthcare associated infections. CAUTIs lead to increased patient length of stay, poor outcomes and increased morbidity and mortality. One of the best ways to decrease CAUTIs is by removing the urinary catheter as soon as possible.

The Unisex Disposable Urinal (UDU) was developed to reduce the need for indwelling urinary catheters and help prevent injuries to healthcare workers when lifting patients onto bedpans once a catheter is removed.


  • Reduces risk of CAUTIs
  • Lessens risk of healthcare worker injury from lifting
  • Decreases time and risk of cleaning bedpans/urinals
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective

Features of the UDU

Angled foam handle: allows the user to hold the device securely, yet modify the shape to improve the fit 

Two contact rings: allow the UDU to conform to different sizes and shapes of the perineum. The rings move independently, allowing a secure fit without extra pressure in the area 

Inner bag: converts the urine into a gel to provide better fluid management without the risk of spilling 

Outer bag: provides protection for the user’s hand and seals securely for disposal

CAUTI Facts 

  • There are approximately 500,000 catheter-associated UTIs annually
  • Each episode of catheter-associated UTI costs $600-$2800 to treat
  • Every day a catheter is in place the risk of a UTI increases by 5%
  • In 2008, catheter-associated UTIs were chosen by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as one of the complications for which hospitals no longer receive additional payment to compensate for the extra cost of treatment.

Debbie Mikkelson, RN,BSN

Debbie Mikkelson is one of the inventors of the Unisex Disposable Urinal.  She has 23 years of burn and wound care both as a bedside nurse and in hospital management. She provides professional lectures on burn and wound care topics and involved in burn research.


Unisex Disposable Urinal

Step 1

Grab foam handle with fingers grasping the angled slope and cover hand with the clear outer bag.

Step 2

Firmly place contact ring against perineum with the angled slope of the handle facing down.

Step 3

After use, place upright, pull clear outer bag up and over contact ring. Seal and Discard.