Product Development Capabilities

The Product Development Division of Mercy Research is a full spectrum design and engineering group capable of working with you to fully develop your medical device.  We have the capability to 3-dimensionally design, prototype, test, and and assist with the contract manufacturing and regulatory needs of your medical device.  We work on nearly any type of medical device and partner with other groups as needed to get your device just right.


Our ability to tap into a wealth of valuable data throughout our large health system allows us to generate custom and comprehensive marketing reports to maximize return on investment and market reach.  Through our integrated health system, we have access to experts and key opinion leaders to assist with user feedback and direction on product adoption within the hospital.

  • comprehensive EMR data archive
  • GPO supply chain data
  • purchasing data
  • direct access to experts and key opinion leaders


Our team is comprised of multidisciplinary scientists, engineers, medical and business professionals in an integrated collaborative model. Our broad expertise includes areas in the fields of biology, chemistry, engineering, marketing, and medicine. This allows us to evaluate problems from different perspectives, leading us to the best possible solution that can be translated into a usable product. 

  • Concept analysis and validation 
  • Intellectual property protection 
  • Engineering and design 
  • Product development 
  • Assistance with regulatory requirements for medical devices 
  • Market validation 
  • Commercialization and licensing 
  • Clinical product usage and positioning 
  • Trends in healthcare