Patient Services

We offer industry-sponsored, clinical trials in a variety of specialty areas, such as cancer, diabetes, eye, and heart research to give our patients earlier access to potentially beneficial new treatments. Mercy clinical trials take place under stringent guidelines, and those who participate benefit from closely supervised monitoring and have their care provided at no additional cost. Patients should ask their health care provider about clinical trials appropriate for their situation.

Getting Started

Step 1: Screening Process - Call Mercy Clinical Studies at 417-841-0250 to answer a series of questions to determine if you are eligible to enter any studies. 

Step 2: Schedule a Visit - After the screening, the research coordinator nurse will schedule you for an appointment to visit Mercy Clinical Studies, learn more about the study, and determine if becoming a research volunteer is right for you.

Step 3: Provide Informed Consent - During your visit, you will be given a consent form to review and discuss. It is very important you read and understand this form.  The consent form describes who is sponsoring the study, who is allowed to join and the risks involved.

Step 4: Begin the Study - If you are accepted into a study, a research nurse or doctor will see you for regular appointments.  While each study is different, almost all involve taking a study medication, participating in regular medical testing and keeping records about how you feel.

I have participated in 2 clinical trials, one for high cholesterol and one for type 2 diabetes. I enjoyed participating and I liked having additional monitoring of my health by another set of eyes. The benefits of clinical trials are extra labs, ECG’s, free medication, and glucose testing supplies. The staff, without a doubt, was helpful, caring, and concerned and I developed close friendships after many months of participation in the trials. I would recommend research to anyone and I’m waiting for another trial for which I may qualify.
Judy Engelthaler, Clinical Studies patient

Benefits of Enrolling

By participating in a clinical trial, patients have access to investigational medications and devices before they become available to the general public. Participants receive careful medical attention including examinations and tests at no additional cost to the patient. In some cases, you may be reimbursed for your time and travel expenses.  Mercy Research offers clinical trials in a variety of specialties to give our patients earlier access to potentially beneficial new treatments. We continue to expand these trials, bringing more options, and more hope, to our patients and their families.