Product Development Services

Mercy Research offers full spectrum medical device development to ensure we are creating technically sound, market-viable products that meet a clinical need. We pursue the development of new medical devices and products that encompass all specialties. The unique capabilities of the Mercy Product Development team can complement any medical specialty, making the possibilities of idea-to-solution nearly limitless.


Concept analysis and validation

Intellectual property

Engineering and design

Product development

Regulatory requirements for medical devices

Market validation

Commercialization and licensing

Clinical product usage and positioning

Trends in healthcare

I really enjoy working with the team at Mercy and find the work to be of excellent quality.
Debra Bingham, Valeo Partners

Contract Research

  1. INQUIRY. Click here to contact a team member at Mercy Research. We’ll get the ball rolling.
  2. DISCOVERY. In this phase the Product Development team will collect necessary materials and embark on a discovery of your project needs to determine how we can best accelerate your technology.
  3. PROPOSAL BUILDING. This important phase is to determine project deliverables, timelines, and estimated costs.
  4. EXECUTION OF CONTRACT DELIVERABLES. Do you need an in-depth market review, FDA assistance for your medical device prototype, design engineering, or an effective business plan in a competitive market? These are just some of our services and we GET THEM DONE in this phase.
  5. PROJECT COMPLETION. In this final phase, we transfer all project materials to the client, report on results, address any final concerns or questions, and WRAP IT UP.

As a physician, working with Mercy Research offers another level of medical care – the ability to create innovative solutions to help my patients
Bharat Shah, MD, Plastic Surgery

Mercy Inventors

  1. INVENTION DISCLOSURE. What do you want to do? What is the new device, what method or device is currently used in the field, what design features does it need in order to meet the need. Inventor interviews help determine the potential impact the new device could have on procedure time, cost and outcomes.
  2. PROGRAM DISCOVERY. In this phase the Product Development team will evaluate the feasibility of creating the product and making it available for patients. An extensive review of the following 5 areas will reveal the product’s potential to succeed and our internal capabilities to effectively design the device:  Market analysis, competitor analysis, patentability, financial analysis and literature analysis
  3. CONCEPT DESIGN AND PROTOTYPING.  Creating a visual representation of the initial idea, defining product requirements, initial specifications, 3-dimensional modeling and small scale production runs for prototypes that will be used in testing.
  4. TESTING. Integration with a large hospital system allows us to test the devices with the end user in the healthcare setting. This helps us create a technically sound, market viable product that will also meet the clinical need.
  5. COMMERCIALIZATION. We deliver the device back into the healthcare setting. The team works to prepare collateral materials that are distributed to potential licensing partners. Through solid licensing arrangements with industry partners, we create mutually beneficial relationships while bringing the product to market.


Our unique model lets us work with any healthcare provider from any medical specialty, allowing our devices and technologies to cover many disciplines and categories.

Mercy has internally developed products that are available to be licensed.  Please review our available products.