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PolyTrak Intermaxillary Fixation System Sales Sheet

The PolyTrak system employs polymer arch bars and connectors uniquely engineered to eliminate the hazards posed by stainless-steel wires. Surgeons reduce their risk of sharps injury and exposure to blood borne disease. Patients avoid punctures and other soft-tissue injuries from wires.

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Unisex Disposable Urinal Sales Sheet

The Unisex Disposable Urinal (UDU) was developed to reduce the need for indwelling urinary catheters and help prevent injuries to healthcare workers when lifting patients onto bedpans once a catheter is removed.


Secure 360 Sales Sheet

Specifically designed for use during cranial reconstructive surgeries, the Secure360 Pediatric Prone Positioner reduces patient positioning time while providing stable support throughout surgery.


Adjustable Tongue Blade Sales Sheet

The Adjustable Tongue Blade (ATB) is designed to address the problems that exist with the current airway management system and surgical preparation.


Secure Flip Sales Sheet

The Secure Flip Pediatric Dual Positioner was designed for use during spina bifida procedures to insure infants are flipped from supine to prone positions safely and securely, while protecting the exposed sac.


Inventors Guide

This document provides basic information concerning intellectual property (IP) and the policy and procedures of Mercy Health (Mercy). Its purpose is to provide guidance to co-workers who create or develop ideas which are potentially patentable or subject to other IP protection. This Guide is intended to provide an overview of matters related to inventions, patents, and copyrights and provide an environment that will encourage the disclosure and development of meaningful inventions.

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